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Simple Ways to Get Rid of Household Stains

by Nick Lindeberg 05/12/2019

Finding a stain on a cherished piece of household furniture can be infuriating. Removing stains can become difficult when not treated properly and promptly. Keep your furniture always looking as good as new with these helpful stain eliminating tips.

Food stains on furniture

Every once in a while dinner is eaten on the comfort of your couch. While this can be a relaxing evening habit, it also puts your furnishings at risk for unwanted stains. Every kind of fabric will require different treatment for blemishes, but here are a few common ones. 

  • Untreated Leather- Cover the stain with a few spoonfuls of baking soda. Use your fingers to blot it into the affected area. Once baking soda is applied, let it sit for 15 minutes and then use your vacuum to remove the powder. Be sure to utilize the brush attachment on your vacuum head to brush off most of the residue.
  • Cotton or Linen- Mix together one tablespoon of white vinegar and two-thirds cup of rubbing alcohol in a bowl. Dip a sponge into the liquid and blot it onto the affected area. Let the treatment sit for a few minutes then wipe clean with a cloth until mixture is absorbed.
  • Microfiber- To clean this material, you'll only need a bottle of Windex and a clean rag. Spray the Windex onto the affected area and scrub the fabric with a brush or sponge. Let it sit for a few brief minutes and then wipe it dry with a clean rag.

Water rings on wood

When a guest comes over, it can be challenging to monitor if they are using a coaster on your wooden furniture. Placing glasses with moisture can result in an unattractive white ring leaving evidence where the beverage once sat. Remove this stain with this simple solution. Place a dry rag over the affected area. Then, place a hot iron (with no steam) over the cloth and let it sit there for one minute. Once you remove the iron and rag, your wood should be as good as new.

Carpet Stains

Removing stains from your carpet or rug may seem like a day’s work, but with three simple ingredients, you’ll have a fresh looking floor in no time. For this task, you’ll need an empty plastic spray bottle. Mix together two ounces of hydrogen peroxide, one ounce of dawn dish soap, and two tablespoons of baking soda. Add the contents to the spray bottle and shake to combine the ingredients. Spray the stained surface and let sit until the area is completely dry. Lastly, run your vacuum over the treated area for a finished result. 

Getting rid of most household stains does not require expensive products or services. Most of the solutions can be found right in your kitchen cabinet. Share these helpful tips with friends and family during your next dinner party accident.

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Nick Lindeberg graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor's degree in business while working full time. Nick has been a Lee County Resident since 1988 and a local investor since 1991.  He works with buyers, sellers, renters and investors.   He still enjoys Men's League hockey, happily married since 1994, and their third (and last) child attends UCF.


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